Eroticart Issue 4

Cam Attree Photography

Eroticart is an eMagazine with a foundation in artistic nude photography and with aspirations to explore the boundaries between what is generally considered acceptable nude art, versus that which is often interpreted as explicit, immoral or raunchy.

Issue 4 of Eroticart is an exploration of the style of images classed as erotica in the 1940’s and 50’s. A little on the tame side by today’s standards, erotic photography in 1940’s America was very difficult to come by.

This was the era that saw the rise of Betty Page, mainly through the mail order photographic and short film work of Irving Klaw. These early photographic explorations of BDSM and pinup themes have influenced generations of photographers and models in the years since. Myself included.

I hope you enjoy this gorgeous set of images of two stunning models, Miss Bunny Penny and Sylph Sia, who posed and interacted so beautifully and sensually for the camera. Amazingly, this was only the second time they had worked together.

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